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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.5.2 released!

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.

* Fixed tiles crashes with certain resolutions.
* Fixed Mac build sometimes not finding the graphics files.
* Fixed NSLayoutManager crash with OSX.
* OSX executables no longer require installation of fink.
* DCSS now builds on FreeBSD straight out of the box.
* DCSS now uses git for version control.
* Fixed Lee’s Rapid Deconstruction having no effect at low levels.
* Fixed weird beam tiles for unknown beam types.
* Fixed Xom’s infinite teleportation journeys.
* Fixed disconnected pan vaults.
* Fixed missile +1 enchantment not reducing mulch rate.
* Fixed some issues with melded equipment.
* Fixed casting of spells on slot ‘I’ being impossible.
* Fixed temporary unlinked item bug.
* Fixed monsters being unable to pick up or carry healing potions.
* Fixed mummy monsters drinking potions.
* Fixed stationary monsters floundering in shallow water.
* Fixed minivaults sometimes being placed without overlapping floor squares.
* Fixed friendly fire among monsters.
* Fixed insane damage dealt by Pain card.
* Fixed clawed butchering both removing gloves and unwielding weapon.
* Fixed submerged shapeshifters not unsubmerging properly.
* Fixed monster mephitic cloud not working against the player properly.
* Removed entry vaults with lethal fog generators for now.
* Get rid of out of depth eels in fountains.
* Greatly tweak ice cave vaults.
* Some other vault tweaks.
* All worms except brain worm and all wasps are now mindless.
* Demonspawn Troggies don’t get Channeling anymore.
* Z does not show spell list automatically anymore.
* Added an option “darken_beyond_range” (defaults to true) for spell ranges.
* Default “force_more_message = You fall through a shaft” to true.
* Reintroduced out of sight mouseover descriptions for Tiles.
* Replaced post-explosion -More- prompt with a delay.
* In the ASCII version, colour silenced grids cyan.

Grab it here!


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