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Hi there,

Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about people who gave the German word “beratungsresistent” a meaning.

Most of you have heard about those but the rest of you have already seen such specimen or even had the pleasure of dealing with a representative of that group.

Today we had a conference call with a customer; with 2 representatives of the customer and the nice guy who calls himself “Project Manager” (a guy who gave us trouble for the last 18 month on different projects). The customer insists on having super user privileges on a machine we were given and paid to support inside the company network. That means we have to ensure a bunch of company regulations are enforced on the machine; one of those regulations makes it clear that no one except the support personnel is allowed to have that access. No one, no exceptions whatsoever, unless the customer wants to lose support. A simple “but it makes life easier” argument is not good enough and will lead to a prompt “Denied!“.

That’s something we have to explain to every customer and it’s not new at all. These discussions are pointless but seem to be unavoidable and we are used to it.

The meeting was set up to discuss ways how the customer was still able to do the work at hand without having privileged access. Or so we thought… because one of our team was in contact with them for more than 10 days explaining and explaining and always explaining and being polite.

And then… when we thought they finally understood… The special kind of meeting!

10 minutes one of them explained about the ease of use of using that account, 5 minutes why it is so easy, 3 minutes about “we could do without it but it’s unacceptable” and so on and so on.. And then the useless justifications about why and so on and so on again… This really was a tough one.

Lovely. L O V E L Y… The auditors will love this…

35 minutes for nothing. Complete waste of our time. Another 10 days of arguing via email would have been just as efficient.

Now they will “escalate”!

Thanks god… I still have “Perry Rhodan” to read. The savior of the known universe!

Yours sincerely


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  1. October 17th, 2009 at 14:23 | #1

    Is there any english synonym for “beratungsresistent”?
    Because immune to feedback sounds too nice :D

  2. October 20th, 2009 at 08:57 | #2

    Thanks for additional German lesson, Cardiano. :>

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