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Back to the.. Spring RTS!

Recently I bought and also played StarCraft 2. It’s a neat game, good graphics and nice story line.. but omgomgomg – how inferior that game and its user-interface is compared to Spring RTS!

So I started to play some Spring again (with Fleur and Wolf and Eifeltrampel) and I have to say… it’s still the best RTS I know!

Sadly, there are way less players active than there used to be.. I hope that changes again soon, especially because winter is coming. In the mean-time we’ve been training against a brand new AI called E323AI, written by a friend of ours – and it’s amazing! Great job, Error323 – we’ve gotten our butts kicked more than once! :D

And of course, the game still supports (and seems to have stabilized) LUA widgets and gadgets. So I’ve been fiddling a bit recently (and especially during this weekend with Eifeltrampel) with that. It has become a nice collection already. Many widgets tweaked, some enhanced or fixed. I’ve created a git-repository and uploaded everything here:


PS: I’ve been a bit busy lately, but I’m feeling confident that I would like to write some more in the near future :)

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  1. October 25th, 2010 at 08:49 | #1

    Lets play! Lets play! :D

    Oh and btw, maybe you should add there spring deb package you compiled for us? ;-)

  2. October 25th, 2010 at 11:17 | #2

    Oh, right! I compiled spring for Debian/Squeeze/Sid and packaged it via checkinstall because the package in Debian/Experimental didn’t update quickly enough. Be aware though, that checkinstall doesn’t write dependancies into the deb file.

    Maybe install those packages from experimental first to get the dependancies on board and then upgrade from here:

    - springlobby_0.111-1 contains the torrent system to download maps & mods
    - springlobby_0.111-2 has the torrent system disabled and will link you to http://springfiles.com.

    @Fleur: ;-P :-*

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