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You are not alone!

xxxxxx> Yeah, I have to choose my words carefully too :)
Napkin> I started to learn a lot about that since I started working here
Napkin> need to deal via email with mostly british and american people
Napkin> sometimes I hate to always have to be friendly, constructive and
political correct *sigh*
xxxxxx> It’s the main reason I reduced my activity on [zzz] :)
xxxxxx> I find it very tiring to participate in these discussions without
being rude :)
Napkin> heh
Napkin> I have the same problem with the [yyy] project
Napkin> admins arguing and discussing and flaming
Napkin> I just get all tired when reading it.. and angry and sometimes miss
the tone then
xxxxxx> I do it at work for a living, so I don’t want to come home and find
my free time filled with more-of-same
Napkin> can’t put it any better – exactly that
xxxxxx> It’s a lot easier to hang out with friends instead :)

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