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Installing Terraria/Steam in Wine

December 22nd, 2011 No comments

Today I had to rebuild my wine-prefix of Steam and re-install Terraria – the main reason to have Steam in the first place :D

The trouble was that I wanted to install Magicka. Magicka runs on .Net Framework version 3.5, while Terraria is using .Net Framework version 4.0. Unfortunately, the version 3.5 didn’t want to install. To be precise: 3.5 wanted to install 2.0 first, which didn’t install because 4.0 was already installed.

So I decided to create a fresh wine-prefix of Steam and install as much of .Net Frameworks as possible to not run into the same trouble later again. If you do not know what a “wine-prefix” is, have a look at the wiki page of winetricks – an awesome tool to make the usual trial & error work in wine much easier. Read more…

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